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Behind-the-scenes stories about real software projects I’ve been on can teach you how different software companies can be – and what never changes.

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3 Embarrassing Stories From My Software Development Career
March 1, 2019  |  13:02  |   

Have a little fun by hearing three stories of times I made embarrassing moves I’ll never forget in my software development career.

I Quit My Software Project To Get Healthy!
February 12, 2019  |  19:34  |   

Have you ever had to quit a good software project…because you figured out you weren’t going to be successful in your role? I did – here’s the story.

Scrum Got 3 People Fired From A Software Project!
July 20, 2018  |  11:37  |   

Blame-shifting and improper application of scrum got people fired on a software project I was on where the client was inexperienced with agile.

They Watched Us With Webcams And Rewrote Our Code!
July 13, 2018  |  13:40  |   

One of the most frustrating software projects I’ve been on involved webcam spying and finding the people who hired us rewrote our code!

It’s Hard To Keep A New Team Doing Continuous Delivery
June 29, 2018  |  7:55  |   

A story of how I tried to help a team use continuous delivery – only to see them stop following it after I left. It’s hard to hold teams accountable!

We Were Hired For A Hidden Agenda
June 15, 2018  |  7:49  |   

Ever been on a software development project where one team is putting pressure on another because of a hidden agenda? I was, and things got interesting…

We Designed A Software Product That Never Got Built
June 8, 2018  |  10:16  |   

One of the most frustrating software projects I’ve been on was when we designed a product that never got built!

Know When To STOP Learning And Just Write The Code!
June 2, 2018  |  7:06  |   

Software development draws us in with endless opportunities, but are they right for every project? There’s a time to stop learning and write code!

I Got By On A Software Project With Help From My Friend
May 25, 2018  |  7:02  |   

There’s no shame in getting help from a friend on a software project! In this episode I tell a story about how getting help was critical to my success.

A Tale Of Software Development Culture Change – Gone Wrong!
May 18, 2018  |  15:28  |   

Let me tell you a story about one of the weirder software projects I’ve been on – and how trying to change the culture went wrong.