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A healthy software company culture fosters creative ideas, energetic coworkers, and people who care so much about work they produce excellent products.

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Woody Zuill on Mob Programming and Influencing Change
March 12, 2019  |  1:08:10  |   

Woody Zuill, the leading voice in our industry around the concept of Mob Programming, joins me to talk about how it produces better developer teamwork.

How Agile Teams Grow Toxic! Ep. 4 Commitments
March 8, 2019  |  25:03  |   

Does it ever feel like you’d get so much more done if it weren’t for how much work people have you do on agile teams to make commitments?

How Agile Teams Grow Toxic! Ep. 3 Forecasting
February 26, 2019  |  18:12  |   

In working with many teams and companies, when developers are frustrated on their agile project – it’s often forecasting that’s the culprit.

How Agile Teams Grow Toxic! Ep. 2 Hiring Talent
February 21, 2019  |  25:11  |   

To keep an agile team from becoming toxic, you should know how the background of the founders of the company impacts hiring.

How Agile Teams Grow Toxic! Ep. 1 Founder Values
February 15, 2019  |  14:20  |   

The core values, or motivation for starting the software company that the founders have can keep an agile team from becoming toxic.

John Cutler on Agile Skepticism and Developer Impact
June 22, 2018  |  45:26  |   

John Cutler is an experienced Product Manager, writer, and consultant. I interviewed him about agile industry dogma – and where software culture is headed.

Is It Safe To Make Mistakes On Your Software Project?
May 30, 2018  |  18:15  |   

At some software companies, it can be hard for people to learn from mistakes they make together on a software project.

A Tale Of Software Development Culture Change – Gone Wrong!
May 18, 2018  |  15:28  |   

Let me tell you a story about one of the weirder software projects I’ve been on – and how trying to change the culture went wrong.

Scott Nimrod on Consulting and Software Craftsmanship
May 13, 2018  |  1:09:31  |   

In this interview, Scott Nimrod and I discuss dynamics between consultants and hiring managers, career growth, and the direction of the industry.

Why Do Leaders Treat Programmers Like Children?
May 8, 2018  |  18:51  |   

Does it sometimes feel like the decisions made by leaders are almost trying to get programmers to hate their software development projects?

Turnover In Tech Companies: The Programmer Skill Gap
March 27, 2018  |  5:34  |   

When high turnover in tech companies strikes, there’s a programmer skill gap! Many teams believe the lie that people can be productive on day one.

5 Signs Your Software Business Is Led By Amateurs!
November 9, 2017  |  15:19  |   

Get that sinking feeling the people running your company don’t know what they’re doing? Here’s 5 signs your software business is led by amateurs!​​

Overcome Attachment: Discover Lean Software Development
October 17, 2017  |  16:46  |   

To let the customer take a larger role in deciding what’s in your product, and release it multiple times per day — you’ll have to overcome attachment.

How Failure Produces BETTER Software Projects!
September 10, 2017  |  35:48  |   

A team that learns from software project failure produces better software – when you plan to exploit this ability.

What MEN Need To Know About Software Developer BRO CULTURE!
August 16, 2017  |  32:33  |   

I’d like to offer some insights that may help men avoid developer bro culture so we’re not damaging our careers.

The Journey To Cross Functional Development Teams
July 25, 2017  |  20:00  |   

Cross functional teams get people with different disciplines to work together better when developing software.

Why Software Development Change Initiatives FAIL!
July 22, 2017  |  12:01  |   

If you’re asking team members or maybe your entire company to change the way some aspect of software development is done – be careful!

Creative Software Development – Explosive Growth By Letting Go
July 8, 2017  |  21:25  |   

Since software development is “knowledge work”, it benefits from the creative ideas and experiences individuals bring to each problem.