Scrum isn’t about getting work done faster. It’s about learning where a development team needs improvement – then delivering the right thing to customers.

Scrum is a selection of agile development practices that are only a subset of what’s needed for companies to have business agility.

Ken Schwaber popularized its use on teams in the 1990s.

Many teams that say they are “doing agile” on a software project are actually using the Scrum development methodology. In it, teams do the work needed to complete a software project in iterations, also known as sprints.

Each sprint has activities similar to waterfall projects, with the addition of meetings at the beginning (the sprint kickoff) and end (the sprint review) that scope and show off the work respectively.

Additionally, scrum introduces the concept of a ScrumMaster, a role someone on the team takes to remove blockages the team runs into. The ScrumMaster is also the chief evangelist of the process. In many companies, someone with a Product Management or Product Owner role take on this role, unfortunately without enough training in Scrum to have expertise in the process. Due to this, some teams rotate assignment of the ScrumMaster where each member of the delivery team takes turns each sprint playing this role.

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