IT Consulting

IT consulting can be the key to getting your best skills used, and biggest ideas realized as a software developer. Consulting is founded on being authentic.

Software consulting is really about getting your software development skills used.

When you try to get a friend of yours to take your advice about something, you are consulting.

When you try to convince a colleague to use a different tool or process for developing software, you are consulting.

And when you persuade leadership to take a new approach for budgeting or product planning – you are also consulting!

Not everyone will enjoy being a full-time consultant, but learning to persuade others through ethical means that your advice is important is invaluable to your career. In the second half of my career I spent a decade as a consultant, and it gave me superpowers.

If you have the courage and discipline to explore this aspect of your career, you’ll be able to convince even those people everyone may have told you “will never go along with it” to be a cheerleader for your ideas.

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