DevOps is a cultural change that brings two often-separate groups of people on a software project together.

The Split Motivation of Developers and Operations

In many companies, some staff members work in an operations role where their primary motivation is to keep the live product, visible to customers, stable and secure.

On the flip side, those same companies pay software developers to introduce change by developing new features as quickly as is reasonable.

The problem is – this pits these two groups against each other since they have differing motivations.

Bringing Developers and Operations Together

Companies who’ve realized this are using management techniques, processes for change, and technologies to get these two groups of people to work together better through DevOps.

Unless developers and operations personnel report ultimately to the same manager, they tend to be measured differently and their separate motivation continues.

If the increased pace of releases introduced by Continuous Delivery is to be handled without a big disruption to relationships on the team, development and operations personnel need to work together when planning any change to a product.

And automated building, testing, and deployment technologies are often used to control how changes are released to bring more confidence to the process of unifying these two traditionally-separated roles.

The Pressure for Fake DevOps

Since many companies are confused about DevOps, tool vendors often push teams to adopt automated deployment technologies without undergoing the cultural change needed to actually unify staff.

Recruiters also want to get a bigger cut of placing candidates by hiring individuals into “DevOps” job titles even though it’s not a job title – it’s about tearing down titles. ?

And cloud hosting vendors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure want teams to move software products to their infrastructure so they get predictable recurring revenue.

You’ll see many technology companies brand their products with “DevOps” in the name – though they do very little to help people truly work together better.

Regardless of where you are along the journey to adopt DevOps, be careful.

There’s a lot of fake news about it out there!

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