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Software development is expensive. So teams need to invest less, release often, and easily change direction. This is the purpose of agile development.

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Reducing the time from when the business has an idea, until it's in customers hands is continuous delivery. Automation not required!

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Operations staff want to keep things stable. Developers want to introduce new features. DevOps helps these two groups of people work together better.

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Nutrition, exercise, mental habits, and rest aren't just for elite athletes - they're also key to a sustainable career in software development.

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Interviews with other people who also know just how important a healthy culture and personal habits are to software development!

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IT consulting can be the key to getting your best skills used, and biggest ideas realized as a software developer. Consulting is founded on being authentic.

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Rather than expect a team of developers to release together, kanban lets finished work get out to customers as soon as it's ready.

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Leadership is about inspiring people to deliver great software by inspiration, encouragement - and serving your team.

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A method popularized by Eric Ries' book of the same name, lean methods aren't just for startups - they're a way to spend less and build the right thing.

The intimate details of my developer career story, and updates about my current struggles and successes along the journey to help individuals in software.

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Building profitable ideas on a maintainable code base are the most important part of software development. Then you can worry about productivity.

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Quality assurance is much more than testing. It's about making sure the entire customer journey, and all the people who operate a product are committed.

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Scrum isn't about getting work done faster. It's about learning where a development team needs improvement - then delivering the right thing to customers.

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There's nothing soft about the power of relationships. Soft skills are more than seductive talk - it all starts with being authentic and graceful!

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It's popular these days to say "software architects aren't needed anymore!". But architecture still is. You often don't know how bad until it's too late...

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It's not enough to use new technology, hire great engineers, and be funded. Sustainable software business is built on profitable ideas by adaptable people!

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A healthy software company culture fosters creative ideas, energetic coworkers, and people who care so much about work they produce excellent products.

Hard-won advice to help you have a realistic mindset and healthy expectations over your career in software development.

Software companies don't stay the same as their products grow. Learn how the software product lifecycle impacts careers and culture.

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Behind-the-scenes stories about real software projects I've been on can teach you how different software companies can be - and what never changes.