Personal guidance to acquire the skills and insight you need beyond coding.

You're probably considering help with your software development career because you're bored or frustrated, other people on your project are hard to deal with, or work's interfering with your life.

Research shows that a fulfilling job should have a positive impact on you - while staying in one that doesn't match your ambitions can actually be very bad for your health!

Unfortunately the software development industry is notorious for leaving talented people in positions where they stop growing, and eventually burn out. 😫

Hard-won failures and wins have led me to you...

Early in my career I enjoyed the typical dev stereotype of being lazy and antisocial - until eventually it held me back from growing.

Things finally started to really open up for me when I stopped following what everyone else did, and learned new persuasion and communication skills as a consultant.

After working on over 30 software projects, I still run into frustrated developers all the time - but they usually don't do anything but bitch about it.

So I started offering coaching to help people just like you get unstuck and keep growing.

You need an experienced advocate - not a fake guru

Clients sometimes come to me after a bad experience with a generic career coach who didn't understand the unique challenges of the software industry.

As someone who's spent over two decades delivering products - I'll help you get clear about what you want, develop a realistic plan to get there, and encourage and guide you all along the way.

I use the co-active method, where I don't "tell you what to do" - but rather I help you discover the answers within you supported by my experience.

You may find that you quit wasting time chasing someone else's dream, stop being freaked out or angry all the time, and increase your self-esteem and confidence by getting straight talk about what it takes to survive in this industry.

My coaching is a collaborative, experience-based, results-focused approach and you'll find my coaching style compassionate, non-judgmental, and uplifting.

Let's make 2020 your breakthrough year!

Developer Career Problems - Symptoms

  • Worried your skills are falling behind
  • Lacking courage to take on new responsibilities
  • Difficulty persuading colleagues and bosses
  • Underpaid for your skill level or market value
  • Boredom from not being challenged enough
  • Stress due to overtime or unreasonable deadlines

What You'll Achieve With Career Coaching

  • Your coaching goals in 3-6 months, some do so in just 4 sessions
  • Newfound courage to pursue a better job or project
  • Better ability to persuade and communicate your value
  • Command a higher salary or develop plans for promotion
  • Get out of gruntwork and start learning new tech again
  • Set better boundaries to have a life outside work

Amplify any role you play on a software team.

Development & Design

The pressure to "know-it-all" and deliver faster can feel unrelenting. Get clarity with your career vision, learn consulting techniques for persuading people, and make more realistic commitments so you can have a life outside work.

Testing & Operations

When anything goes wrong it's easy to blame the gatekeepers. Get help with setting boundaries for responsibility with management - so you can share ownership with the rest of the team. Don't take all the blame and let that keep you so busy you aren't growing!


Making the switch from individual contributor to leader is difficult on software teams. Use consulting techniques to reset expectations, and empower people to bring their best each day so you aren't overwhelmed. Earn the trust of your team AND your supervisor.

How do I get started?

To find out if you're a good fit to participate in this software development career coaching program:

Schedule a free 45 minute initial consultation with me over Zoom™ videoconferencing.

Your free consultation helps you get to know me and explore your situation before investing in services.

At your consultation we'll talk about:

  • How you got here and where you're going
  • Your most urgent desired goals and strategies for impacting them
  • Whether you have the mindset to get everything you can from coaching

If I agree to take you on as a client, you may then invest in the software development career coaching program that fits your needs.

You can enroll in a monthly subscription, or purchase a pre-paid bundle of sessions.

* Zoom is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

The unique value of career coaching with Jayme

  • 1
    After 30 software projects you learn that technology changes, but people (and many patterns) stay the same. I'm offering you a broader perspective than other career coaches can.
  • 2
    Career coaches who haven't worked in the software industry don't understand your pain. I can speak from experience on how to overcome many of your challenges - because I've been there!
  • 3
    Self-help and conferences are fun, but they can also be a big distraction. Save time by enlisting me to help you uncover where to focus your energy for faster results.
  • 4
    Co-active coaching amplifies the skills, creativity, and resources you already possess. My goal is to empower YOU to make better decisions and rely less on me.
  • 5
    I'm not a "guru", but I'm also not just another programmer, manager, or agile coach. I've spent many years of my life walking people through tough situations both personally and professionally.
  • 6
    Discuss your software project, career, and life one-on-one with a professional confidentially. I don't offer group coaching because I feel that it's too uncomfortable for you to be totally open with me around a group of strangers.

They say

Tim Hall Software Consultant
Tim Hall Software Consultant

I was fortunate enough to work with Jayme during my most recent project where I was fulfilling a new role as automated QA. Anytime I contacted him to ask for help, Jayme patiently taught me everything he could about Azure DevOps with which I’d never worked before. He taught me so much that I was able to become our team’s Azure expert. Without Jayme’s help, I don’t believe I could have fulfilled my responsibilities in time. The foundation he provided is what allowed me to be the mentor of the entire development team for Azure DevOps. I highly recommend Jayme for coaching.

Timothy Hall


Jayme Edwards is a software developer coach.


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