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Online coaching that helps professionals in software development keep growing through confidential guidance to overcome challenges with advancement, coworkers, and work/life balance.

Corporate coaching

A coaching program for software teams that helps employees stay engaged and resolve conflicts by offering them a confidential advocate.

To learn how corporate coaching can improve the culture of your teams contact me.

A lasting career in software development takes more than just learning new processes and technologies.

If you're like me, I'm guessing you loved working on software first.

But after more experience, you probably hit some walls we can all run into:

  • Anxiety over meeting deadlines
  • Low energy, creativity, or focus
  • Confusion about where your career is going
  • People not supporting your ideas
  • Frustration with technology or processes

You're not alone!

ALL the problems above stem from believing 3 very popular...

MYTHS of the Software Industry

#1 The technology or processes you know determine your fate (FALSE!) 

This is why we see endless certifications, tutorials, and "top 10 languages to learn" articles.

It appeals to our desire for a "silver bullet" (and fear of missing out on opportunities).

Unfortunately if you keep believing this, you'll stay stuck a vicious cycle of playing catch-up with how technology is changing that will seriously limit your career progress.

#2 More credentials get you more opportunities (FALSE!)

This is why we have LinkedIn, influencer marketing, like counts, and job titles.

Credentials are a false sense of how effective or successful someone is.

They really just say "I know how to make a name for myself!"

If you really want lasting success in software development, you must step out from the crowd -

...and overcome hard truths that only a select few truly fulfilled and successful people are willing to see.

#3 When you do what others ask, you get rewarded (FALSE!)

Why is it that when you work harder, and bend over backwards to meet the demands of your boss or client - never feels like you get recognized?

And other people seem to do LESS work but are enjoying success you feel like you deserve?

Through education, and ineffective managers - we've had this myth programmed into us.

But chasing it guarantees you'll be treated like an "order taker" when you could be so much more...

Software Development Coach Jayme Edwards

Hi, I’m...
Jayme Edwards

I'm not sure how you feel about your career, but I had a hard time finding my ​way.

I started out as a software developer, and soon got experience in a lot of other roles.

But I bounced between jobs always looking for the perfect gig - and never really finding it.

Every project started out well, but seemed to eventually spin into a "death spiral".

Sometimes people weren't honest with each other, or the company used fake agile processes.

Other times I honestly just got bored working with old tech stacks.

So after a decade of working for product companies, I decided to give software consulting a shot.

But my first few years in consulting were a big blow to my ego - I could see I still had a lot to learn.

Even though I was paid well and got to lead a ton of amazing projects; working with clients exposed one of the problems I already knew - coworkers told me I needed to work better with people.

So I started seeking out other consultants to be mentors I could learn from.

I watched them closely to hear how they talked, presented their ideas, and persuaded people.

I read all the typical books on consulting, management, and building better relationships.

And it was a confusing journey, but after a few years I found myself way more relaxed at work.

I even got a few compliments: "Jayme, you make people really comfortable to work with you."

​It was hard to believe, but the problem wasn't finding the perfect project - it was me.

Once I understood people on software teams better, I could do more of what I wanted, under less pressure, and make even more money (though that's not why I did it).

I had learned an important lesson: software development becomes a messy game of politics if you can't win other people's support.

But from then on, every new project I started, I ran into other frustrated people on dev teams  -

...they were EXACTLY like I had been earlier in my career.

So 2 years ago, after 22 years in the industry - I decided to do something about it.

I began offering an experience for serious professionals who want the personal support only one-on-one coaching can provide.

Most companies are so busy, they don't have time to make sure you're growing!

Are you ready to take the unbeaten path - to create the career that's best for YOU?

Let's make 2020 your breakthrough year!

Coaching helps your talents shine through on any team.

Developers & Designers

The pressure to know everything and deliver faster is unrelenting. Get clarity with your career vision, learn consulting techniques for persuading people, and make more realistic commitments so you can have a life outside work.

Testing & Operations

When anything goes wrong it's easy to blame the gatekeepers. Get help with setting boundaries for responsibility with management - so you can share ownership with the rest of the team. Don't take all the blame and let that keep you so busy you aren't growing!


Making the switch from individual contributor to leader is difficult on software teams. Use consulting techniques to reset expectations, and empower people to bring their best each day so you aren't overwhelmed. Earn the trust of your team AND your supervisor.

The unique value of coaching with Jayme

  • 1
    After over 30 software projects you learn that technology changes, but people (and many patterns) stay the same. I'm offering you a broader career perspective than you'll probably find elsewhere.
  • 2
    Generic career coaches don't understand the software industry. I can speak from experience on how to overcome many of your challenges because I've been there!
  • 3
    Self-help and conferences are fun, but they can be a big distraction. Let me save you time by helping you uncover where to focus your energy for faster results.
  • 4
    Co-active coaching amplifies the skills, creativity, and resources you already possess. The goal of this coaching method is to empower YOU to make better decisions and rely less on me.
  • 5
    I'm not a "guru", but I'm also not just another programmer. I've spent many years of my life walking people through tough situations both personally and professionally.
  • 6
    Discuss your software project, career, and life one-on-one with me confidentially. I don't offer group coaching because I feel that it's too uncomfortable for you to be totally open with me around a group of strangers.

When can I expect results?

Jayme will help you decide what coaching term may be best after your free initial consultation.

Below are some examples of career goals and a typical coaching term to impact them. *

2 months

  • Find a better job
  • Get clarity on where to focus your energy
  • Uncover beliefs that are holding you back
  • Repair troubled coworker relationships
  • Explore switching positions or careers

4 months

  • Plan for a promotion
  • Recover a troubled project
  • Learn and practice consulting skills
  • Collaborate better on agile teams
  • Amplify your online presence
  • Communicate more effectively

6 months

  • Start working for yourself
  • Establish authority in a technology niche
  • Develop servant leadership skills
  • Improve DevOps or Product Management
  • Improve coaching and persuasion skills

* These are just examples, talk to me about whatever you're looking for help with at your consultation.

How software development career coaching works

First, complete a brief self-assessment to evaluate your readiness for coaching and identify your desires. 

Next, schedule your FREE 45 minute initial consultation.

The consultation will help us decide whether it makes sense to work together - there's no pressure to commit.

Your consultation is a casual meeting where we'll get to know each other a bit and discuss:

  • How you got here and where you're going
  • Why co-active coaching is more than me just telling you what to do as an "expert"
  • What coaching package might work best for you

After your consultation, you can purchase a bundle of coaching sessions as a package.

The activities performed during each session will vary and depend on what we learn, how your career is changing, and where you need the most support.

Coaching sessions are conducted over Zoom™ videoconferencing software.

Sessions begin with audio, but we can share video if you're comfortable.

* Zoom is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

They say

Tim Hall Software Consultant
Tim Hall Software Consultant

I was fortunate enough to work with Jayme during my most recent project where I was fulfilling a new role as automated QA. Anytime I contacted him to ask for help, Jayme patiently taught me everything he could about Azure DevOps with which I’d never worked before. He taught me so much that I was able to become our team’s Azure expert. Without Jayme’s help, I don’t believe I could have fulfilled my responsibilities in time. The foundation he provided is what allowed me to be the mentor of the entire development team for Azure DevOps. I highly recommend Jayme for coaching.

Timothy Hall


Jayme Edwards is a software developer coach.


Software development coaching packages

Ready for experienced, confidential guidance to accelerate your career?

To get started, schedule your FREE 45 minute consultation to discuss your goals and challenges with me.

Already had your consultation? Pick the package below that's best for you:


Break through your immediate software development challenges.



  • Personalized guidance through your toughest challenges with people, projects, and work/life balance
  • Leap ahead with insights learned from over 30 software projects
  • Book your sessions anytime over a period of two months
  • Includes 4 sessions, enough to meet twice a month for two months

Save 20% and get personal coaching from Jayme for the next six months!

$ 3000



  • Personalized guidance through your toughest challenges with people, projects, and work/life balance
  • Leap ahead with insights learned from over 30 software projects
  • Book your sessions anytime over a period of six months
  • Includes 12 sessions, enough to meet twice a month for six months
  • 20% discount (you save $600)

Secure payment for your coaching package is protected by stripe.

Packages fit coaching into your busy schedule

Coaching packages offer a bundle of 55 minute sessions to book over the duration of the package (2 months, 4 months, or 6 months). 

Each session you attend will reduce the number remaining in your package by one.

Upon purchase of a package, you'll receive an email with a link you can click to easily book your sessions online.

My online booking allows you to see what time slots I have available so you can book single, or recurring sessions. 

I'm available for sessions from 1:00pm - 5:00pm Central Standard Time (CST), Monday through Friday.

I recommend a session at least twice a month to balance making progress with your existing commitments.

However, you are free to schedule sessions more or less frequently depending on your needs and my availability.

Read more about the terms & conditions of coaching or contact me for any questions you have.

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