No matter how hopeless or frustrating your circumstances may feel - a solution lies ahead.

If you’re anything like me, you loved working on software at first.

But I’m guessing you’ve run into some of these snags we all hit:

  • Anxiety over meeting your deadlines
  • People communicating poorly with you
  • Frustration with technology in your product
  • Low energy, creativity, or focus
  • People not supporting your ideas
  • Employers breaking promises with you

Believe me, I’ve been there.

You may even be like how I was…

I used to come in late, work odd hours, enjoy the perks of being a developer - and got good at building software.

But I was was frustrated with the meetings, politics, and how things always seemed to distract me.

I thought - “I just want to write code!”.

But I had a humbling experience when I moved to Austin, Texas 10 years ago.

After being a “Software Architect” for 10 years, I went into consulting. 

In my first year of consulting, my performance review was BRUTAL.

My colleagues told me I could be a jerk, and I knew deep down it was true.

Even though everyone I worked with told me I was one of the most brilliant people they knew:

I wasn’t easy to talk to, and I actually didn’t like being around people very much.

It seemed I’d reached a point in my career where I couldn’t move forward without some changes.

So I spent 10 years reading books, learning from other consultants, and working with over 30 companies.

And it took a lot of trial and error, but I started to see some patterns emerge.

I didn’t need to be around people more, I just needed to stop doing some things that turned them off.

And I figured out ways to keep people relaxed when my estimates were wrong!

Once I discovered these things, I began showing others how to break through their own barriers...

And finally understood why agile software development wasn't delivering on it's promises.

I can’t force your path. I can provide insight and direction - but you must walk through the door...

Going back 20 years ago - to when I started my career - I made a crucial decision that proved invaluable:

I let other people I work with know that I wanted to be mentored.

And my successes wouldn’t have been possible without their advice.

They always saw my potential and wanted to see me get to the next level.

So if I can be of any help, I’d love to serve you today through my unique perspective.

There are a few things you should know about me before we get started:

  • I am a generalist with broad experience (most programming languages, cloud platforms, devices, and platforms). I can help you see things that only someone who has had exposure to a variety of industries and technologies can reveal.

  • A big part of my job is to uplift and inspire you to be the best you can be. With that being said, I will not sugar coat my advice if I see an opportunity for you to avoid pain.

  • I can't force your path. I can provide insight and direction - but you must walk through the door. Always make the right decisions yourself for your career, despite what I or anyone else suggests.

  • I don’t care for intolerance and division. We all have a unique perspective and gifts to share. If you enjoy cutting down people who aren’t like you, I may not be able to help.

  • I've been overweight, an unhealthy eater, and an addict over my life. I will not judge you for the challenges you’re up against. However I’m also not a licensed therapist :).

As an active software business architect, I’m still providing consulting services to companies.

So I needed a way to coach professionals like you while still serving my clients.

The solution was simple:

I setup a website where I can share content with you - 

And a private Facebook group where you can get advice from me any time!

The group already includes professionals who are my colleagues, mentors, and students.

And they're all helping each other make sure we don't get stuck in our careers!

You can share with the group, read what others are doing - or just chat privately with me.

I also provide direct coaching if an online experience isn't your thing. 

Either way you'll get help.

There's an easy way for us to get to know each other, with absolutely no risk.

I'm offering you a FREE 30 minute coaching session!

You can use this call to get to know me, and share whatever you're currently up against.

We'll then explore what options for software development coaching best fit your needs.

Just click the link below to schedule your call with me.

Let’s make 2017 your breakthrough year!


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