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Personal coaching

A unique software development coaching program that helps professionals working in the software industry get the support they need outside of their job to keep growing.

Confidential guidance can break through frustration developers and other roles on software teams encounter over their career with advancement, coworkers, and work/life balance.

Corporate coaching

A holistic coaching program for employees on software teams to help them stay engaged, resolve conflicts, and do their best work by offering a confidential advocate on staff.

To learn how corporate software development coaching gives people the courage to work together better and improve the culture of their teams, contact me directly.

A career in software development that offers continuing rewards and growth takes more than just learning new technology and processes.

Are you getting everything you could be from your software development career?

Career coaching with Jayme Edwards is unlike any other program for coaching professionals on software teams in the world. 

After working on over 30 software projects in many industries and job roles - he's had to overcome the same challenges everyone in IT eventually faces over their career:

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Confusion about where your career is going
  • Anxiety, boredom, or perfectionism
  • Low energy, creativity, or focus
  • Trouble meeting deadlines
  • Not getting recognized for your hard work
  • Frustration with people or processes

You are not alone!

If you're looking for a way to just improve programming skills, this is not the place.

But if you've been wondering if there's a way to break the box many brilliant people on software teams  are stuck in - pave your own road to a remarkable career instead:

You just found it.

Jayme Edwards is an industry veteran who's been through many tough software development project and career situations as a consultant.

Through practice, he's mastered techniques for connecting with, educating, and then persuading people to support his best ideas.

If you learn these techniques, they can keep your career moving when you hit roadblocks -

...roadblocks that would make other developers just give up and settle.

And he's consulted organizations of all shapes and sizes on their software business strategy, so he knows what companies value most.

He can show how to make the value of your work more visible to the business.

Working better with people, and making your value visible

This is how you get the big rewards and recognition on a development team.

But as you probably know, even if you've got great skills - some corporations can be dangerous.

If the culture is toxic, you'll need help to protect yourself from being exploited.

During his career, Jayme's had to overcome anxiety, weight gain, team politics, and many of the other threats to good health that developers and other people on software teams face. 

The way you work must be sustainable if you want to keep growing and not burnout!

Keep reading to learn more about how coaching can transform your career:

Amplify any role you play on a software team.

Development & Design

The pressure to "know-it-all" and deliver faster can feel unrelenting. Get clarity with your career vision, learn consulting techniques for persuading people, and make more realistic commitments so you can have a life outside work.

Testing & Operations

When anything goes wrong it's easy to blame the gatekeepers. Get help with setting boundaries for responsibility with management - so you can share ownership with the rest of the team. Don't take all the blame and let that keep you so busy you aren't growing!


Making the switch from individual contributor to leader is difficult on software teams. Use consulting techniques to reset expectations, and empower people to bring their best each day so you aren't overwhelmed. Earn the trust of your team AND your supervisor.

How software development career coaching works

By Jayme


Coaching isn't like an online course where everyone who takes it follows the same set of steps for a very basic result.

It offers you confidential guidance that is custom-fit to your personality, preferences, and history.

If you've ever had to learn a musical instrument or a sport, you know that while you can learn on your own - having a coach is way faster.

Having someone with more experience can really help you know where to focus, so you spend your energy on whatever gets the best results.


This is important to mention - and it may surprise you.

I know you'll benefit from my experience, but I'm not going to tell you exactly what to do.

I use the co-active method, which is generally regarded as the best in the coaching industry.

Co-active coaching assumes YOU have the best solution to many of your problems, but several things prevent you from finding them.

First, you have a dark side that you may not realize. It can sabotage you when you try to make a change!

Second, you have blind spots. Weaknesses in your personality and character that only another person can see clearly.

It's always more comfortable to keep things how they are -

...but if you want to grow, I can't let you slide back into doing nothing.

As your coach, everything I do is focused on encouraging you and helping you be the best you can.

A major goal of co-active coaching is improving your ability to make decisions, rely on your intuition, and adopt whatever I share with you as your own.

Don't work with a coach if they try to make you dependent on them for every little thing! 

Effective software development coaching should be making you more self-reliant over your career - not less.


What happens during sessions depends on what we discover, how your desires change, and how your career or project is progressing.

The more honest and vulnerable we can be with each other, the more amazing your results are!

This is why it's critical for you to have realistic expectations.

Don't expect software development coaching to get you breakthrough results in just one or two sessions.

It takes a little time for you to develop the trust to REALLY go deep with me.

I ask open-ended questions, where together we'll use intuition and curiosity to guide us.

As things progress, I may suggest minor activities as homework for you to work on between sessions.

Here's a few examples:

  • Identifying opportunities for you to practice new techniques
  • Putting structures in place to help you stay on track and hold yourself accountable to a change
  • Noting how you feel to uncover the source of a behavior you struggle with 
  • Creating an action plan for you to achieve a goal

It's a very dynamic process that depends on you just as much as it does me!

But the results can surpass what you're used to - if you're willing to discover what you're capable of.


To find out if you're a good fit to participate in this software development career coaching program:

  1. Complete a brief self-assessment worksheet (PDF file). This assessment will evaluate your readiness for coaching, and identify your top 3 goals and challenges.

  2. Schedule a free 45 minute initial consultation with me over Zoom™ videoconferencing. Your free consultation helps you get to know me and explore your situation before investing in services.

At your consultation we'll talk about:

  • How you got here and where you're going
  • Your most urgent desired goals and strategies for impacting them
  • Whether you have the mindset to get everything you can from coaching

If I agree to take you on as a client, you may then invest in the software development career coaching program that fits your needs. You can enroll in a monthly subscription, or purchase a pre-paid bundle of sessions.

All coaching sessions are conducted over Zoom™ videoconferencing software.

Sessions begin with audio, and we can share video if you're comfortable.

* Zoom is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

When can I expect results?

Some of my clients have started getting actionable insights as early as the first session.

However, it will take time to reap the full benefits of investing in software development coaching.

I recommend that you work with me for a minimum of 3 months

This ensures we build a trusting relationship, and have time to work through past career situations that may have caused false beliefs holding you back.

There's no sense embarking on the journey of coaching unless you are committed to getting results worth your investment.

Below are some example career goals and a typical term to get results: *

3 months

  • Find a better job
  • Get clarity on where to focus your energy
  • Uncover beliefs that are holding you back
  • Repair troubled coworker relationships
  • Explore switching positions or careers
  • Develop better teamwork behaviors

6 months

  • Plan for a promotion
  • Recover a troubled project
  • Develop servant leadership skills
  • Make better commitments and estimates
  • Amplify your online presence
  • Communicate more persuasively

9 months

  • Begin freelancing (working for yourself)
  • Establish authority in a technology niche
  • Develop consulting skills
  • Introduce DevOps to a team
  • Introduce Lean Product Management to a team
  • Adopt more realistic agile processes

* These are some of the more common goals I'm equipped to help you with. Discuss anything not on this list with me at your consultation.

Software Development Coach Jayme Edwards

Hi, I’m...
Jayme Edwards

I'm not sure how you feel about your career, but I had a hard time finding my way.

I started out as a software developer, and soon got experience in a few other roles.

But I bounced between jobs a lot, always looking for the perfect gig - and never really finding it.

Every project started out well, but seemed to eventually spin into a "death spiral".

Sometimes people weren't honest with each other, or the company used fake agile processes.

Other times I honestly just got bored working with old tech stacks.

Consulting changed my career forever

So after a decade of working for product companies, I decided to give software consulting a shot.

I got to lead some amazing projects, and figured I was doing a good job.

That's what I thought until my career took a dramatic turn.

After years of glowing performance reviews, it felt like being smacked in the face out of the blue.

Four coworkers gave my boss anonymous feedback that I could be a jerk to work with -

...and deep down I knew it was true.

I had deep technical skills, and I'd led teams - but I didn't know how to deal with difficult people.

So I started to read all the typical books on consulting, management, and building better relationships.

And after a few years, I tried applying the new techniques and strategies I was learning.

But it was really slow and hard - I still needed something more.

Can you work better with people - and still be yourself?

One day at the company I was working for, I met a developer who'd been a consultant for a decade.

He seemed to have a magical ability to earn trust from people.

Overhearing him on the phone completely baffled me.

He was professional, but he didn't sound like so many other managers I'd worked with -

...managers who were just trying to tell me what I wanted to hear.

He was just being himself with people.

And even when he disagreed with them - they would thank him!

Self-learning has its limitations

After working with this consultant, I began to shadow his every move.

And as our relationship grew closer, I'd ask him questions about problems on my project.

Often whatever he suggested, I already knew about -

...but I didn't know how to apply it in the heat of the moment.

It was much easier to learn about working better with people, than actually put it into practice.

Getting noticed by other developers

So I sought out more people to advise me.

And pretty soon my willingness to let them teach me was paying off.

I thought I knew a lot about things like agile and teamwork, but understanding people was taking my career to another level.

One day a developer who worked for my client on a new consulting project pulled me aside:

"How did you learn to talk with people like that?"

"Like what?" I said.

"I've been trying to convince them to try some of your ideas for years. You just got to know them and they're already listening to you!"

His surprise helped me realize that the skills I learned needed to be made available to more people.

So I started teaching what I could to developers on my projects - when I had the time.

A new challenge: coaching software developers at scale

From then on, every new project I joined was more of the same.

Brilliant engineers, designers, and managers who had great ideas - but didn't know how to earn respect.

So I did the best I could to teach them.

But the thing is, I was usually leading the project too.

And the company was paying me to lead their team, but not to improve their people.

So I began to wonder - could I help more developers than just the ones on my project?

I knew I needed to do something different in my career when I started having sleep problems.

You can read more about what happened on my about page.

And it took two years of trying to figure out what happened, and sharing some of my story online.

But eventually, I got the courage to start coaching people all over the world:

Right here.

Enough distractions - are you ready to really grow?

There are thousands of other people online telling you what you should learn and do.

And everyone really does have something valuable to share, no matter what their experience.

But if you want an extraordinary career, you've got to stop thinking like typical employees who are members of a development team.

What I'm offering you here isn't another "top 10 tips" article, or a "proven system for guaranteed results" that makes sense but you never take action on in a course or book.

I'm inviting you into a personal relationship with me as a confidential advocate for your success.

Are you ready to take the unbeaten path - to discover the career that's best for YOU?

Let's make 2020 your breakthrough year!

The unique value of career coaching with Jayme

  • 1
    After 30 software projects you learn that technology changes, but people (and many patterns) stay the same. I'm offering you a broader perspective than other career coaches can.
  • 2
    Career coaches who haven't worked in the software industry don't understand your pain. I can speak from experience on how to overcome many of your challenges - because I've been there!
  • 3
    Self-help and conferences are fun, but they can also be a big distraction. Save time by enlisting me to help you uncover where to focus your energy for faster results.
  • 4
    Co-active coaching amplifies the skills, creativity, and resources you already possess. My goal is to empower YOU to make better decisions and rely less on me.
  • 5
    I'm not a "guru", but I'm also not just another programmer, manager, or agile coach. I've spent many years of my life walking people through tough situations both personally and professionally.
  • 6
    Discuss your software project, career, and life one-on-one with a professional confidentially. I don't offer group coaching because I feel that it's too uncomfortable for you to be totally open with me around a group of strangers.

They say

Tim Hall Software Consultant
Tim Hall Software Consultant

I was fortunate enough to work with Jayme during my most recent project where I was fulfilling a new role as automated QA. Anytime I contacted him to ask for help, Jayme patiently taught me everything he could about Azure DevOps with which I’d never worked before. He taught me so much that I was able to become our team’s Azure expert. Without Jayme’s help, I don’t believe I could have fulfilled my responsibilities in time. The foundation he provided is what allowed me to be the mentor of the entire development team for Azure DevOps. I highly recommend Jayme for coaching.

Timothy Hall


Jayme Edwards is a software developer coach.


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