Programming Made It Hard To Lose Weight

February 22, 2018  Topics:

It’s not impossible to lose weight as a programmer, but you’ve got to stand your ground! I share my story of ballooning up to 210 pounds – then losing it.

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I gained weight quickly from programming and needed help with weight loss early in my career.

I took part in the corporate events that provided unhealthy food because it was “there”…

I was accepted easier by my coworkers because I would eat the same fatty and high calorie meals that they chose…

And I fell into emotional eating, because the stress of software development was depleting my diet of nutrients.

So I started to tell myself “losing weight is vanity – I’m not one of THOSE people“.

But in this episode, I share my personal story of weight loss after ballooning up to over 210 pounds.

I hope my story helps someone else out there who is struggling with the lifestyle of programmers that can make it hard to stay in shape.

Corporate culture won’t always make it easy – but you’re worth it!

There is hope for you – losing weight is not impossible, but you’ve got to stand your ground!