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“New Framework Disease” (NFD) in Software Development

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Technology addiction hurts your software development career if materialism makes you get caught in "new framework disease" and chase shiny objects.

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Technology addiction hurts your software development career if materialism makes you get caught in “new framework disease” and chase shiny objects.

When I was a child, I used to like looking through the magazines my father got with all kinds of gadgets in them. As an adult, I often got caught up in obtaining the latest cars, guitars, or other material possessions.

And though you may have a handle on materialism in your personal life – it can become prevalent in a software development career.

We suffer from technology addiction when we get bored from repetitiveness – this is pretty obvious. But we also suffer from envy – and this is common because many companies don’t keep their software developers growing.

We can also put on “rose colored glasses” and deceive ourselves into thinking a new framework, API, or other technology will solve our problems. Failing to master a language or technology puts you at a serious disadvantage in your tech career.

It’s highly important that you develop the ability to match technology to the business. The only way this will happen, is if you both master your current tech stack – and develop an appreciation for what is unique in the business of your current software project.

Ultimately, you need to be able to deliver results.

Hiring practices in the industry make this an ongoing problem, but you can avoid some of the snares by thinking about the insights I share in this video.

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