It’s Hard To Keep A New Team Doing Continuous Delivery

June 29, 2018  Topics:

A story of how I tried to help a team use continuous delivery – only to see them stop following it after I left. It’s hard to hold teams accountable!

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Sometimes I get an opportunity to show a team how to use a technology that not only solves a business problem, but I really like!

In this case it was continuous delivery to deploy business intelligence dashboards to production.

When a client of mine was burned by a prior vendor that couldn’t deliver their software project, they needed to see progress made quickly.

The software product was supposed to be a set of complicated visual dashboards that pulled in data from a bunch of different healthcare systems.

At the time deploying these types of software systems was a manual, error prone process.

So I had built a framework to automate releases.

This would help us follow continuous delivery.

But the lead on the project was resistant at first, and the client wasn’t sure they were ready.

In this episode, I share how the continuous delivery framework I used earned trust at first…but was eventually abandoned.

I still had many things to learn about how to support my own software frameworks!