Is Your Leader A Narcissist?

February 20, 2018  Topics:

Could it be that you’re on a project with a software leader that’s a narcissist – one who criticizes everything you do?

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Are you on a project with a software leader who’s a narcissist, and criticizes everything you do?

Did they treat you like a “rockstar” developer at first, but now it seems like you can never please them?

Working under a narcissist can be one of the most frustrating experiences in your software development career.

In this episode, I share some key traits and behaviors to look for in identifying if you’re working under one. Though people can exhibit several of these traits and NOT be a narcissist, if you see a pattern of several of these behaviors – BEWARE.

I hope this information helps you identify whether you’re being abused emotionally – and cope until you’re able to get out.