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At some software companies, it can be hard for people to learn from mistakes they make as a developer, product manager, or any other role that works together on a project.

Because building software requires so much communication, it’s natural for things to get lost in translation and mistakes to occur.

But we can treat mistakes as an opportunity to blame someone else, or a chance to encourage them to learn.

And this also reflects back on us, showing others we can use encouragement too when we make mistakes.

I hope this episode gives you some useful advice to prevent you from having the mindset I did earlier in my career –

…that people should be held to the same expectations of reliability as a computer!

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Common Mistakes

  1. Overlooked Requirements/ User Stories (2:41)
  2. Overlooked Development Tasks (5:44)
  3. Incorrect Theories Of Value (7:43)

Learning From Mistakes

  1. Practice Forgiveness (9:43)
  2. Practice Admitting A Mistake (11:00)
  3. Be More Real/Humble About Your Abilities (12:45)
  4. Confront Limiting Beliefs (13:56)
  5. Practice Encouragement (15:17)