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It’s common in many companies for there to be animosity between programmers and managers – but it’s smarter to consider healing that rift.

Earlier in my career I met many other software developers who loved to complain about management.

And I’ve been just as frustrated, especially when it seems like management doesn’t know what they’re doing.

But eventually after having several experiences talking to other programmers I respected, my perspective changed.

In this episode, I share some stories about software projects I have been on where I was challenged to be enlightened to continue.

I hope these stories help you think about what you can do to take the power of your career back into your own hands.

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  1. Frustration With Sales (:20)
  2. My Bad Performance Review (1:30)
  3. Finding Flawless Consulting (3:38)
  4. Angry Tweeters (5:10)
  5. Companies Are People! (7:23)
  6. It’s Our Job To Help People Understand (9:10)
  7. Taking Success Into Our Hands (10:34)
  8. I Didn’t Care About The Business! (12:13)
  9. Consulting Forced Me To Meet People (13:28)
  10. Seeing Other Frustrated Developers (15:56)
  11. Millenials Aren’t To Blame! (16:51)
  12. Angry Reddittors (19:14)
  13. Where The Channel’s Going (20:36)
  14. I Took My Power Back (22:05)