Daily Scrum Meeting: A Status Meeting In Disguise?

May 1, 2018  Topics:

Does it ever feel like the daily scrum meeting is really just another status meeting in disguise? Get help in this episode of healthy software developer!

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Does it ever feel like the daily scrum meeting is really just a status meeting in disguise?

The daily scrum or “stand-up” meeting was created as part of the scrum methodology for agile development to reduce time wasted in meetings.

But some companies use it to gather status.

In our modern software development market, there are many tools that can provide managers with real-time access to status, so this is unnecessary.

In this episode, I share several tips for getting your daily stand-up meetings under control so you can run a daily scrum that actually benefits developers.

Though it’s tempting for management at software companies to use the daily scrum meeting to gather status, they actually make the job of software developers harder by doing this – and put their software projects at risk!

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  1. Provide A Tool For Realtime Status (2:58)
  2. Make Sure The Meeting Is Valuable (3:35)
  3. Keep Design Discussions Separate (6:18)
  4. Let Developers Use Their “PMOC” (7:19)
  5. Keep Ramblers From Wasting Time (8:28)
  6. Let Developers Volunteer Answers (10:16)
  7. Don’t Drill Into Concerns Over Progress (11:58)