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We all hate that sinking feeling when we realize we’re on a failing software project. 

What you do then will have a bigger impact on your health than your reputation.

Earlier in my career, I would try to avoid blame as my number one priority. As I got more experienced, I saw the folly of this and realized I needed to follow through with my best work.

How we deal with tough times says more to others than how we behave when things are going smoothly. In this episode I share the story of two clients I worked with that had failing projects.

Sadly – I’ve been on more failed projects than successful ones, but I felt these two might help you think about how you cope with this situation.

Remember just because a project fails – it doesn’t mean YOU are a failure. It’s OK to accept circumstances, accept your limitations – and do what you can.

Your family, relationships, and health will thank you for it!