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Imposter syndrome is something software teams often talk negatively about, but it can actually be a sign of growth.

The feeling that you don’t know what others think you do can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. We all put up with this feeling when we’re new, because others expect that we don’t know what we’re doing.

But after a few years in software development, we can forget that feeling. When asked to do work that requires us to grow, it’s critical that we get comfortable with it.

There are a few reasons why software professionals tend to be especially susceptible to this.

One is that other egotistical, narcissistic developers can make fun of us. But this says more about THEM than us.

Another is that we worry that we’ll be “found out” by management for needing to learn something. But emotionally intelligent managers and leaders see through the false wall of lies that some developers can put up when they try to appear infallible.

In this episode, I encourage you to look at imposter syndrome as a healthy sign that you need to grow. If you can be honest, detach from what others think, and learn to reset expectations with others – you don’t need a reason to worry that you’re an imposter.