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Do you ever get that sinking feeling that the people running your software business don’t really know what they’re doing? Here’s 5 signs your software business is led by amateurs!

It can be practically a sport to make fun of leadership for not understanding modern software development and its implications. That’s not the purpose of this post.

If you’re working at a company where several of these signs are present, you have three options. Put up with it, try to change it for the better, or move on.

Here’s 5 signs your software business leadership needs help:

  1. Failure To Invest In Better Tools and Services
  2. Too Much Power In The Hands Of A Few Customers
  3. They Can’t Say “No” To Any Customer
  4. They Have A High Customer Acquisition Cost
  5. They Commit To Deadlines Without Understanding The True Cost

If the place you’re working at has these problems, do you have the courage to move from complaining to having some serious conversations?

Even if you consider yourself just a cog in a huge machine, you can help your leaders make better decisions that keep the company profitable!