Sustainable Software Development – L1 - Jayme Edwards

Breakthrough Mentoring Program Teaches Software Developers To Learn Healthy Habits For Work, And Skills To Influence Others So They Can Use Lean Startup, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery Techniques.

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I worked with Jayme on a high visibility project that included the most demanding and challenging client (CEO) I have ever worked with. Jayme never flinched and always navigated the team in a realistic and sustainable direction. A true pro.

Jeff York
Agile Project Manager

Jayme always straddles the cutting edge of both technology and process. In the years I've known and worked with him, his passion and vision for truly sustainable development - promoting a healthy work environment for his teams and ensuring the quick delivery of measurable value for the business - has consistently shone through. Jayme is a strong leader and a patient teacher.

Gari King
Senior Lead Consultant

Jayme is a critical thinker with vast software development methodology knowledge. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on several projects and without exception Jayme’s approach to sustainable development has avoided common pitfalls and led to real project success. All projects need a plan to succeed and Jayme makes that happen.

Paul Felix 
Business Intelligence Professional

I have had the pleasure of working with Jayme at several companies. He is an extremely bright individual who understands how to intelligently craft and plan for software development, while energizing and motivating the team and environment that surrounds him. Jayme understands how critical culture is to the success, health, and growth of a software development team.

Dave Lillie
Software Development Manager

Jayme has a rare combination of strong real-world experience and a deep knowledge of the theory behind the best software development processes. He's skilled at imparting that knowledge and experience to a team in a way that has tangible results. He's made every team that I've worked on with him both more successful and more fun.

Kevin Rutkowski
President, QA Sherpa

I hate spam and will never share your email address with anyone.