Healthy Software Developer

Healthy Software Developer is a vlog and podcast with insights from my struggle to find healthier ways for people to develop software. 

At one time I thought with the right team, technology, or some secret agile process - I could be a healthy software developer.

In a career spanning over two decades, I finally saw through the lies of the software industry...

And started to understand the hidden motives of myself and other people.

But then as a software consultant I came across other miserable people on software teams for years.

They were just like me!

So I resigned from my software development consulting job in 2017.

I began making over 100 YouTube videos about how FAKE Agile has plagued our industry, and is burning people out like never before.

I'm sharing everything I know about relationships, consulting, agile - and having a healthy work/life balance.

Everything I wish others would have taught me, but it took working on over 30 projects to see the truth.

This show isn't just for developers - it's for anyone on a software team.

Topics to watch or listen to on Healthy Software Developer now:

Failing Software Project

Have a healthy career without burning out or hurting relationships.

  • Cope with anxiety, failed projects, and overthinking
  • Overcome ego and technology materialism 
  • Recognize industry lies and prevent idea stealing
  • Get promoted and set your own path
Healthy Software Developer Episode - Failing Software Project
Healthy Software Developer Episode - Webcam spying rewrote our code

Behind-the-team stories about real software projects.

  • Political infighting and management snafus
  • Crazy technology problems stumbled upon
  • Consulting dynamics between agencies and clients
  • Wins and losses implementing agile development
Say NO On A Software Project

There's nothing soft about the power of relationships.

  • Confront pride, dishonesty, and imposter syndrome
  • Earn trust for your ideas and reject jaded developers 
  • Fight perfectionism, narcissism, and the need to be understood 
  • Make mistakes safer and accept what you can't change
Healthy Software Developer Episode - Say NO On A Software Project
Healthy Software Developer Interview Scott Nimrod 1

Long form interviews about the challenges of being a healthy software developer.

  • Well-known and up-and-coming guests alike
  • Casual and unedited free-form conversations
  • Discussing topics people don't like to talk about
  • Some explicit language
User Stories

What I learned about real and FAKE Agile working on over 30 teams.

  • What certification programs don't teach you about uncertainty
  • How practices won't work when they don't add value to the team
  • Misunderstandings about estimating, forecasting, and budgeting
  • Avoid measurement theater and feature factories
Healthy Software Developer Episode - User Stories
Lead Software Developers Better By Letting Go

Becoming an inspiring servant leader and not a dictator - takes grace, patience, and experience.

  • Build consensus for decisions
  • Trade micromanaging for letting people do their best work
  • How leading software projects is different than manufacturing
  • Earn trust from your team so they actually care about work
Software Developer Bro Culture

Stop toxic behavior from becoming the norm.

  • Let people be creative instead of working like robots
  • The real challenges of diversity in competition
  • How software companies change as their products mature
  • Why turnover costs more than any burndown chart can measure
Healthy Software Developer Episode - Software Developer Bro Culture

...and more!

What viewers are saying about Healthy Software Developer

"Amazing channel sir. I highly agree with the message you are sending and believe you're fighting the good fight."
- Danny Freeman

"You have no idea how much positive energy u spread here, all what u have said is on point...keep posting these healthy videos."
-Ehab Nain

"Every developer should be subscribed to this channel. I kept trying to think of new things I might add to the conversation but it's like you took the words out of my mouth with each of your points."
- Ry

"I have been developing software for nearly 5 years professionally and am currently going through these same issues, every day is more difficult than the previous one and I don't want to lash out...I am definitely going to try to adjust my behavior and approach to management/development based on your advice...Jayme you deserve huge things. Your channel has helped me understand and improve the quality of my work, despite the above issues."
- Jesus Fernandez

"You should rename your channel to Software Developer Prophet...I knew that I would not be able to change the culture and would be frustrated forever. See this video assures me that I did the right thing. Keep going bro, you channel is so unique and has such great, relevant content."
- Code Swag

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