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Get a Free Consultation On Your
Software Development Career

In this free 45-minute call over Zoom videoconferencing, we'll discuss:

  • Your current software development career situation and goals
  • A free evaluation of your profile on LinkedIn or Dev.to (if you have one)
  • Any challenges with career progression, people and processes, or job satisfaction
  • Ways I can help you progress faster in your career if you're up for it

Jayme Edwards

Developer Career Coach

  • 30 software projects
  • 24 years experience
  • Host of the channel  "Healthy Software Developer", a show about dev careers and culture.
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What's software development "career coaching" all about ?

I'm guessing you may have never considered career coaching before.

Generic career coaches don't really understand the unique challenges you face in the software industry.

But most "software development coaches" just help with writing code.

I help my clients with the critical issues beyond programming - dealing with difficult people, fixing broken processes, getting rewarded, work/life balance, career planning and more.

Why is this consultation free?

Offering you an initial consultation is a win-win for both of us:

1. You get confidential feedback and advice on your situation.

2. We get to meet each other!

3. You can ask any questions to explore whether regular coaching may help you.

4. By understanding the challenges you're facing, I get more ideas for how I can help my existing clients.

NOTE: I'm a professional and I will not pressure you to participate in future coaching services during your free consultation! I would love to help you, but I only have the capacity to coach people who are really committed and ready for coaching. The free consultation gives us both a chance to see if there's a good fit. It's completely up to you to decide whether to enroll in a regular coaching program offline AFTER your consultation.

What happens when I schedule my consultation?

The "CLAIM YOUR CONSULTATION" button takes you to a simple scheduling page.

First, you'll select a date and time I'm available that works for you to meet.

Second, the scheduling page asks you a few questions about your career.

This will give me some background so you get the most from the consultation.

You'll receive an email with a link to attend the meeting immediately after scheduling.

I look forward to meeting you!


Feel free to contact me if you need help, learn more about me, or read more about my coaching services.

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Jayme Edwards

Developer Career Coach

  • 30 software projects
  • 24 years experience
  • Host of the YouTube channel "Healthy Software Developer", a show about software development careers, people, and processes.