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Continuous Delivery

This page contains posts by Jayme related to Continuous Delivery. This term was coined by Jez Humble of Thoughtworks. He referenced the first principle of the Agile Manifesto, which states:

"Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software."

Continuous delivery at its core is a set of patterns and practices that enable a company that builds software products and services to reduce their cycle time. Cycle time is a measurement of the time it takes from when someone has an idea, until it is delivered to customers.

The primary innovation of Continuous Delivery is the concept of a deployment pipeline. The deployment pipeline uses technology to automate the processes typically used to release software.

Continuous Delivery is closely related to the DevOps movement, in that developers and operations must typically work together closely to make it a reality. However, many companies today still have developers and operations working together but have not built a complete deployment pipeline. Conversely, many companies have built a deployment pipeline, but still keep development and operations reporting under separate departments.

  • failure produces better software
Today I'd like to talk about how learning of a team failure produces better software when you plan to exploit this ability....
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Other software developers often disagree with us about what processes to use due to how uncertainty impacts software development....
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Today I'd like to talk about the journey to cross functional development teams and some of the considerations on your way to integration....
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  • a/b software development
Companies need to start to A/B software development to find what customers value. Relying on planning up front based on customer feedback and research just isn't competitive anymore!...
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  • infrastructure as code
To release software smoothly, avoiding time wasted troubleshooting infrastructure issues - you might consider automating your infrastructure as code....
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  • configuration management
The settings used by your application, service, or product with software - need to change depending on the environment using configuration management....
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  • Development Environments
To release software to your customers, you'll probably need several development environments. Let me help you decide how to set them up....
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  • Continuous Delivery
Allow me to demystify Continuous Delivery by helping you understand the big picture. It's a capability - not a technology....
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  • kanban
I'll help you understand how to decide between scrum and kanban, so you can make a decision that lets you deliver products in a lean fashion....
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  • Lean Software Development
How Lean Software Development avoids a company becoming irrelevant in today's shifting technology market....
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