Have you ever been on a software project with someone who does great work but is difficult to work with? Here’s some strategies for confronting difficult software developers about their behavior.

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Before you even think about having this conversation, go into the converation detached from the outcome you want. If you go into it thinking “If I don’t get this person’s behavior then I’ll be upset” – the other person will pick up on it.

Here’s 6 tips for this conversation:

  1. Keep The Conversation Private
  2. Ensure They Are Well Rested
  3. Reinforce Their Value
  4. Listen For Struggles
  5. Future-Pace The Benefits
  6. Discuss Their Reservations

Don’t give the person an ultimatum! They will make the change but resent you for it!

Don’t attach rewards to the change. They will expect rewards for future good behavior!

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