Software Development Coach: Jayme Edwards – DevOps, Soft Skills, Agile


  • software business is led by amateurs

5 Signs Your Software Business Is Led By Amateurs!

Get the feeling the people running your software business don't know what they're doing? 5 signs your software business is led by amateurs!...
  • feature-factory

How To Shut Down Your Feature Factory

Are you developing software under pressure like a "feature factory", but there never seems to be any economic benefit to the changes?...
  • uncertainty impacts software development processes

How UNCERTAINTY Impacts Software Development Processes

Other software developers often disagree with us about what processes to use due to how uncertainty impacts software development....
  • how to win trust

How To Win Trust For Your Software Development Ideas

Do you want to try something new that requires other people to support you? Let me help you understand how to win trust for your software development ideas....
  • Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery – Are You Missing The Big Picture?

Allow me to demystify Continuous Delivery by helping you understand the big picture. It's a capability - not a technology....
  • Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product – Letting Software Companies Help You Profit

How to build a minimum viable product (MVP), by selecting a feature that shows users your core value proposition, as well as two features that "delight"....
software development coach


Advocate for Healthy Software Development

I've been a software consultant, software architect, and technology mentor for over 20 years.

But I started burning myself out, and almost ruined my career by focusing too much on technology and ignoring people.

With all of the buzz around virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and internet of things - you'd think all it takes to succeed in this industry is a sharp mind and being on top of the latest trends.

Time and time again, as a consultant I encounter teams that can't get things done because of bigger problems that are often ignored in our industry.

Through crucial practices I learned to build teams that can adapt to change - and you can too.

DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Servant Leadership, and Lean Product Development are key pillars - but it all starts with everyone having a mindset that embraces change.

I discovered that with these practices in place, there really are ways to do healthy software development!

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