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Getting stuck in your software development career?

After working on over 30 projects, I know just how hopeless it can feel at times. 😞

But once I got over feeling sorry for myself, I decided it was time to quit bitching and actually DO something.

If you’ve had enough of living in the matrix of everyone else’s career choices,

(and you’re done trying to escape from your problems)

…you don’t have to keep struggling alone to try pulling yourself out of this trap.

But before you can free yourself, you’re going to have to get real.

It makes me sad to watch so many people in tech burn themselves out trying to “get rich quick”.

I somehow got roped into chasing this same seductive lie until I had a life changing wake-up call.

While I loved working with technology – I couldn’t seem to find a way to deal with the expectations of other people.

But I finally saw through the web of distractions corporate culture had slowly spun around me over my career.

And this experience taught me some important lessons about what matters –

…and what a “personal career purpose” really is.

So if your career aspirations are to:

  • Level up as a workaholic (-50 fun to be around!)
  • Throw meaningless crumbs of time to your friends or kids
  • Accelerate payments to a divorce lawyer
  • Collect another year of dust on the hobbies you keep in a closet
  • And give up any trace of youthful vitality you have left

…all for someone else’s empty definition of success they sold you as “happiness”…

(should you outsmart unethical coworkers who’ll lie to get there faster)

just for the chance to stare at a big number in a bank or crypto vault,

(and nobody left who cares enough about you to enjoy it with!)

…leave this page now and go join r/nihilism!

But if you want to bring life back to that fading twinkle in your eye –

…the one that shone bright when you first started creating software –

Watch or listen to over 100 free episodes of my show about being a healthy software developer instead.

And when you’re ready to pursue your goals sustainably, get confidential career coaching to keep you growing! 🍃

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