I’ve helped teams across a variety of industries to ensure that the way they bring their IT offerings to market is sustainable. Grappling with competitive pressure, increased costs, shifts in technology and regulation can make it hard to know what can make or break your continued success. Delivering IT products and services isn’t like manufacturing physical goods. You’ve listened to your customers, made a plan, worked hard to execute and measure it – yet things still feel risky. You’ve heard it all before: “make changes in small batches and get feedback from the customer”. But learning about it is one thing, and making it work on your team is another.

Whether you’re considering a change to delivery processes or features for your customers, my services can dramatically lower your investment so you are free to shift direction as your needs change. I’ve coached CTOs, product and project managers, software architects and operations personnel on how to bring best-in-class products involving information technologies to market. I use a combination of key practices from the SCRUM methodology, automated deployment techniques, and measurement of some hidden indicators that might surprise you to make sure you’re on the right track.

I’ve spent 19 years in the industry learning what it takes to make sound economic decisions on product delivery, optimizing work queues and then releasing a little at a time to let customers guide me towards what makes them love a product. If you are looking for validation of your next investment or just need help from an expert in getting it done, reach out to me so I can open your eyes to what may have been preventing you from your next success.


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